Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recruitment Of Bangladesh Workers

Over the last decade Bangladesh has deployed about one million workers abroad.  Ever since the recruitment of Bangladesh foreign workers was permitted in Malaysia, UMR Strategic Sdn. Bhd. has successfully recruited and provided these workers to various industry sectors, meeting their ever growing demand for skill and unskilled workers.

Our niche lies in having our own recruitment office at Dhaka, Bangladesh, that provide a smooth and organized channel for out-flow of Bangladeshi workforce abroad.  As a trusted manpower recruitment agent for Bangladesh, our company at Dhaka maintain carefully selected, qualified and experienced staff to test, select and orientate recruited candidates on their job scope, culture, language and relevant matters pertaining to the Malaysia environment prior to deployment.  This important feature reduces cultural shock of foreign workers and minimizes their lead start-up time to perform.

Our Mission

UMR Strategic Sdn. Bhd. offers professional, experience, quality and reliable foreign manpower supply services to all industry and service sectors such as manufacturing, security, construction, plantation, retail and food.  We will exceed the expectations of our clients by providing reliable recruits, variant supply source, human resource planning and cost benefit analysis.  By maintaining our utmost professionalism, we have become a very prominent and highly prestigious organization in our industry.  We are committed to providing exceptional service and unparalleled attention to each of our clients.  UMR Strategic Sdn. Bhd. is constantly looking to upgrade and enhance its product to meet the changing needs of its clients.  We will strive to maintain financial balance by ensuring high value services to our clients 

About Us

UMR Strategic Sdn. Bhd. is an established foreign manpower consultancy company with the aim of assisting local and foreign companies in foreign manpower recruitment. Our role is to look after the interests of our clients and to provide professional services that include human resource planning and recruitment i.e. testing, selecting, orientation and placement of foreign workers to various sectors such as manufacturing, security, construction, plantations and services.

Since the Company’s inception, UMR Strategic Sdn. Bhd. has supplied more than 25,000 skilled and unskilled foreign workers to various categories of industries in Malaysia.  Our company’s expertise lies in sourcing manpower and reliable recruitment.  Our management and staff are carefully selected to provide reliable, responsible and professional assistance to our clients and are backed by experience in the successful planning and recruitment of reliable candidates.  Being an expert in foreign manpower consultancy, our forte and expertise also encompass the sphere of cost-benefit analysis of foreign recruitment and supply.  Our Company has successfully provided human resources solutions for various industries and our extensive network enables us to provide our clients with manpower from several countries.  

The countries’ sources of our manpower supply are:

·                     Banglades 
·                     China
·                     Indonesia
·                     Myanmar
·                     Nepal
·                     Vietnam

Our services include:-

1)       Securing approval from relevant authority
2)       Testing, Selection/interview of workers
3)       Complete documentation and securing authorities’ approval
4)       Clearance of workers from immigration at airport & transporting them to designated sites
5)       Extended services such as providing counseling and solving workers’ social related problems

One of our foremost SALIENT POINT is, having OUR OWN branch offices in Nepal and Bangladesh.  The presence of these offices with experienced guided staff ensures quality and reliable recruitment hence minimizing turnover rates and disruption of operations due to human resource related problems.. In addition, our English speaking partners from Nepal and Bangladesh who have been based in Malaysia for the last six years, are excellent arbitrators in workers’ disputes.